Paper: OntoSem Methods For Processing Semantic Ellipsis

ACL ID W04-2601
Title OntoSem Methods For Processing Semantic Ellipsis
Venue Computational Lexical Semantics Workshop
Year 2004

This paper describes various types of semantic ellipsis and underspecification in natural lan- guage, and the ways in which the meaning of semantically elided elements is reconstructed in the Ontological Semantics (OntoSem) text processing environment. The description cov- ers phenomena whose treatment in OntoSem has reached various levels of advancement: fully implemented, partially implemented, and described algorithmically outside of imple- mentation. We present these research results at this point – prior to full implementation and extensive evaluation – for two reasons: first, new descriptive material is being reported; second, some subclasses of the phenomena in question will require a truly long-term effort whose results are best reported in installments.