Paper: Semantic Role Labeling By Tagging Syntactic Chunks

ACL ID W04-2416
Title Semantic Role Labeling By Tagging Syntactic Chunks
Venue International Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning
Session Main Conference
Year 2004

In this paper, we present a semantic role la- beler (or chunker) that groups syntactic chunks (i.e. base phrases) into the arguments of a pred- icate. This is accomplished by casting the se- mantic labeling as the classification of syntactic chunks (e.g. NP-chunk, PP-chunk) into one of several classes such as the beginning of an ar- gument (B-ARG), inside an argument (I-ARG) and outside an argument (O). This amounts to tagging syntactic chunks with semantic labels using the IOB representation. The chunker is realized using support vector machines as one- versus-all classifiers. We describe the represen- tation of data and information used to accom- plish the task. We participate in the “closed challenge” of the CoNLL-2004 shared task and report results on both development and test sets...