Paper: Thesauruses For Prepositional Phrase Attachment

ACL ID W04-2410
Title Thesauruses For Prepositional Phrase Attachment
Venue International Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning
Session Main Conference
Year 2004

Probabilistic models have been effective in re- solving prepositional phrase attachment am- biguity, but sparse data remains a significant problem. We propose a solution based on similarity-based smoothing, where the proba- bility of new PPs is estimated with informa- tion from similar examples generated using a thesaurus. Three thesauruses are compared on this task: two existing generic thesauruses and a new specialist PP thesaurus tailored for this problem. We also compare three smoothing techniques for prepositional phrases. We find that the similarity scores provided by the the- saurus tend to weight distant neighbours too highly, and describe a better score based on the rank of a word in the list of similar words. Our smoothing methods are applied to an existing PP attachment model an...