Paper: Discovering Synonyms And Other Related Words

ACL ID W04-1808
Title Discovering Synonyms And Other Related Words
Venue CompuTerm International Workshop On Computational Terminology
Year 2004

Discovering synonyms and other related words among the words in a document collection can be seen as a clustering problem, where we ex- pect the words in a cluster to be closely related to one another. The intuition is that words oc- curring in similar contexts tend to convey simi- lar meaning. We introduce a way to use translation dictio- naries for several languages to evaluate the rate of synonymy found in the word clusters. We also apply the information radius to calculating sim- ilarities between words using a full dependency syntactic feature space, and introduce a method for similarity recalculation during clustering as a fast approximation of the high-dimensional feature space. Finally, we show that 69-79% of the words in the clusters we discover are useful for thesaurus constructi...