Paper: Detecting Semantic Relations Between Terms In Definitions

ACL ID W04-1807
Title Detecting Semantic Relations Between Terms In Definitions
Venue CompuTerm International Workshop On Computational Terminology
Year 2004

Terminology structuring aims to elicit semantic re- lations between the terms of a domain. We propose here to exploit definitions found in corpora to ob- tain such semantic relations. Definition typologies show that definitions can be introduced by differ- ent semantic relations, some of these relations be- ing likely to structure terminologies. Our aim is therefore to mine “defining expressions” in domain- specific corpora, and to detect the semantic rela- tions they involve between their main terms. We use lexico-syntactic markers and patterns to detect at the same time both a definition and its main se- mantic relation. 46 markers and 74 patterns have been designed and tuned on a first corpus in the field of anthropology. We report on their evaluation on a second corpus in the field...