Paper: Introduction To The Bio-Entity Recognition Task At JNLPBA

ACL ID W04-1213
Title Introduction To The Bio-Entity Recognition Task At JNLPBA
Venue International Joint Workshop On Natural Language Processing In Biomedicine And Its Applications NLPBA BioNLP
Year 2004

We provide background information on the task and present a general discussion of the approaches taken by participating systems. 1 Introduction Bio-entity recognition aims to identify and classify technical terms in the domain of molecular biology that correspond to instances of concepts that are of interest to biologists. Examples of such entities include the names of proteins, genes and their locations of activity such as cells or organism names as shown in Figure 1. Entity recognition is a core component technology in several higher level information access tasks such as information extraction (template lling), summarization and question answering. These tasks aim to help users nd structure in unstructured text data and aid in nding relevant factual information. This is becoming increas...