Paper: Phrasenet: Towards Context Sensitive Lexical Semantics

ACL ID W03-0412
Title Phrasenet: Towards Context Sensitive Lexical Semantics
Venue International Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning
Session Main Conference
Year 2003

This paper introduces PhraseNet, a context- sensitive lexical semantic knowledge base sys- tem. Based on the supposition that seman- tic proximity is not simply a relation between two words in isolation, but rather a relation between them in their context, English nouns and verbs, along with contexts they appear in, are organized in PhraseNet into Consets; Con- sets capture the underlying lexical concept, and are connected with several semantic relations that respect contextually sensitive lexical infor- mation. PhraseNet makes use of WordNet as an important knowledge source. It enhances a WordNet synset with its contextual informa- tion and refines its relational structure by main- taining only those relations that respect con- textual constraints. The contextual informa- tion allows for ...