Paper: Learning To Distinguish PP Arguments From Adjuncts

ACL ID W02-2033
Title Learning To Distinguish PP Arguments From Adjuncts
Venue International Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning
Session Main Conference
Year 2002

Words differ in the subcategorisation frames in which they occur, and there is a strong cor- relation between the semantic arguments of a given word and its subcategorisation frame, so that all its arguments should be included in its subcategorisation frame. One problem is posed by the ambiguity between locative prepositional phrases as arguments of a verb or adjuncts. As the semantics for the verb is the same in both cases, it is difficult to differentiate them, and to learn the appropriate subcategorisation frame. We propose an approach that uses se- mantically motivated preposition selection and frequency information to determine if a locative PP is an argument or an adjunct. In order to test this approach, we perform an experiment using a computational learning system that re- ceives a...