Paper: Lexically-Based Terminology Structuring: Some Inherent Limits

ACL ID W02-1403
Title Lexically-Based Terminology Structuring: Some Inherent Limits
Venue CompuTerm International Workshop On Computational Terminology
Year 2002

Terminology structuring has been the subject of much work in the context of terms extracted from corpora: given a set of terms, obtained from an ex- isting resource or extracted from a corpus, identi- fying hierarchical (or other types of) relations be- tween these terms. The present paper focusses on terminology structuring by lexical methods, which match terms on the basis on their content words, taking morphological variants into account. Exper- iments are done on a ‘flat’ list of terms obtained from an originally hierarchically-structured termi- nology: the French version of the US National Library of Medicine MeSH thesaurus. We com- pare the lexically-induced relations with the original MeSH relations: after a quantitative evaluation of their congruence through recall and precisio...