Paper: Spectral Clustering For German Verbs

ACL ID W02-1016
Title Spectral Clustering For German Verbs
Venue Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing
Session Main Conference
Year 2002

We describe and evaluate the application of a spectral clustering technique (Ng et al. , 2002) to the unsupervised clustering of German verbs. Our previous work has shown that standard clustering techniques succeed in inducing Levin- style semantic classes from verb subcategorisa- tion information. But clustering in the very high dimensional spaces that we use is fraught with technical and conceptual di culties. Spec- tral clustering performs a dimensionality reduc- tion on the verb frame patterns, and provides a robustness and e ciency that standard cluster- ing methods do not display in direct use. The clustering results are evaluated according to the alignment (Christianini et al. , 2002) between the Gram matrix de ned by the cluster output and the corresponding matrix de ned by a gold ...