Paper: An Efficient Text Summarizer Using Lexical Chains

ACL ID W00-1438
Title An Efficient Text Summarizer Using Lexical Chains
Venue International Conference on Natural Language Generation
Session Main Conference
Year 2000

....... We present a system which uses lexical chains as an intermediate representation for automatic text sum- marization. This system builds on previous research by implementing a lexical chain extraction algorithm in linear time. The system is reasonably domain in- dependent and takes as input any text or HTML document. The system outputs a short summary based on the most salient concepts from the origi- nal document. The length of the extracted summary can be either controlled automatically, or manually based on length or percentage of compression. While still under development, the system provides useful summaries which compare well in information con- tent to human generated summaries. Additionally, the system provides a robust test bed for future sum- mary generation research.