Paper: Planning Word-Order Dependant Focus Assignments

ACL ID W00-1421
Title Planning Word-Order Dependant Focus Assignments
Venue International Conference on Natural Language Generation
Session Main Conference
Year 2000

Word order and accent placement are the primary linguistic means to indicate focus/background struc- tures in German. This paper presents a pipelined ar- chitecture for the generation of German monologues with contextually appropriate word order and accent placements for the realization of focus/background structures. Our emphasis is on the sentence plan- ner that extends the respective propositional con- tents with discourse-relational features and decides which part will be focused. Such an enriched se- mantic input for an HPSG-based formulator allows word order variations and the placement of prenu- cleus and nucleus accents. Word order is realized by grammatical competition based on linear prece- dence (LP) rules which are based on the discourse- relational features. Accent placement i...