Paper: Generating A Controlled Language

ACL ID W00-1419
Title Generating A Controlled Language
Venue International Conference on Natural Language Generation
Session Main Conference
Year 2000

This paper argues for looking at Controlled Lan- guages (CL) from a Natural Language Genera- tion (NLG) perspective. We show that CLs are used in a normative environment in which dif- ferent textual modules can be identified, each having its own set of rules constraining the text. These rules can be used as a basis for natural language generation. These ideas were tested in a proof of concept generator for the domain of aircraft maintenance manuals. 1 What is a Controlled Language? Controlled Languages (CLs) result from a grow- ing concern about technical documentation quality and translation, be it human or auto- matic. A CL consists of a glossary and of writ- ing rules for the linguistic aspect of the doc- umentation. These rules are given as recom- mendations or prohibitions for both th...