Paper: DTD-Driven Bilingual Document Generation

ACL ID W00-1405
Title DTD-Driven Bilingual Document Generation
Venue International Conference on Natural Language Generation
Session Main Conference
Year 2000

Extensively annotated bilingual parallel corpora can be exploited to feed editing tools that in- tegrate the processes of document composition and translation. Here we discuss the archi- tecture of an interactive editing tool that, on top of techniques common to most Translation Memory-based systems, applies the potential of SGML's DTDs to guide the process of bilingual document generation. Rather than employing just simple task-oriented mark-up, we selected a set of TEI's highly complex and versatile collec- tion of tags to help disclose the underlying log- ical structure of documents in the test-corpus. DTDs were automatically induced and later in- tegrated in the editing tool to provide the basic scheme for new documents.