Paper: Document Structure And Multilingual Authoring

ACL ID W00-1404
Title Document Structure And Multilingual Authoring
Venue International Conference on Natural Language Generation
Session Main Conference
Year 2000

The use of XML-based authoring tools is swiftly be- coming a standard in the world of technical docu- mentation. An XML document is a mixture of struc- ture (the tags) and surface (text between the tags). The structure reflects the choices made by the au- thor during the top-down stepwise refinement of the document under control of a DTD grammar. These choices are typically choices of meaning which are independent of the language in which the document is rendered, and can be seen as a kind of interlin- gua for the class of documents which is modeled by the DTD. Based on this remark, we advocate a rad- icalization of XML authoring, where the semantic content of the document is accounted for exclusively in terms of choice structures, and where appropri- ate rendering/realization mechanisms a...