Paper: Recognition And Tagging Of Compound Verb Groups In Czech

ACL ID W00-0744
Title Recognition And Tagging Of Compound Verb Groups In Czech
Venue International Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning
Session Main Conference
Year 2000

In Czech corpora compound verb groups are usually tagged in word-by-word manner. As a consequence, some of the morphological tags of particular components of the verb group lose their original meaning. We present a method for automatic recognition of compound verb groups in Czech. From an annotated corpus 126 def- inite clause grammar rules were constructed. These rules describe all compound verb groups that are frequent in Czech. Using those rules we can find compound verb groups in unanno- tated texts with the accuracy 93%. Tagging compound verb groups in an annotated corpus exploiting the verb rules is described. Keywords: compound verb groups, chunking, morphosyntactic tagging, inductive logic pro- gramming 1 Compound Verb Groups Recognition and analysis of the predicate in a sentence ...