Paper: Learning From Parsed Sentences With INTHELEX

ACL ID W00-0741
Title Learning From Parsed Sentences With INTHELEX
Venue International Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning
Session Main Conference
Year 2000

In the context of language learning, we address a logical approach to information extraction. The system INTHELEX, used to carry out this task, requires a logic representation of sentences to run the learning algorithm. Hence, the need for parsers to produce structured representa- tions from raw text. This led us to develop a prototypical Italian language parser, as a pre- processor in order to obtain the structured rep- resentation of sentences required for the sym- bolic learner to work. A preliminary exper- imentation proved that the logic approach to learning from language is able to capture the semantics underlying the kind of sentences that were processed, even if a comparison with clas- sical methods as regards efficiency has still to be done.