Paper: Introduction To The CoNLL-2000 Shared Task: Chunking

ACL ID W00-0726
Title Introduction To The CoNLL-2000 Shared Task: Chunking
Venue International Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning
Session Main Conference
Year 2000

We give background information on the data sets, present a general overview of the systems that have taken part in the shared task and briefly discuss their performance. 1 Introduction Text chunking is a useful preprocessing step for parsing. There has been a large interest in recognizing non-overlapping noun phrases (Ramshaw and Marcus (1995) and follow-up papers) but relatively little has been written about identifying phrases of other syntactic categories. The CoNLL-2000 shared task attempts to fill this gap. 2 Task description Text chunking consists of dividing a text into phrases in such a way that syntactically related words become member of the same phrase. These phrases are non-overlapping which means that one word can only be a member of one chunk. Here is an example sentence: [NP...