Paper: SemEval-2014 Task 7: Analysis of Clinical Text

ACL ID S14-2007
Title SemEval-2014 Task 7: Analysis of Clinical Text
Venue Joint Conference on Lexical and Computational Semantics
Year 2014

This paper describes the SemEval-2014, Task 7 on the Analysis of Clinical Text and presents the evaluation results. It fo- cused on two subtasks: (i) identification (Task A) and (ii) normalization (Task B) of diseases and disorders in clinical reports as annotated in the Shared Annotated Re- sources (ShARe) 1 corpus. This task was a follow-up to the ShARe/CLEF eHealth 2013 shared task, subtasks 1a and 1b, 2 but using a larger test set. A total of 21 teams competed in Task A, and 18 of those also participated in Task B. For Task A, the best system had a strict F 1 -score of 81.3, with a precision of 84.3 and recall of 78.6. For Task B, the same group had the best strict accuracy of 74.1. The organizers have made the text corpora, annotations, and evaluation tools available for future re-