Paper: Exploring ESA to Improve Word Relatedness

ACL ID S14-1006
Title Exploring ESA to Improve Word Relatedness
Venue Joint Conference on Lexical and Computational Semantics
Year 2014

Explicit Semantic Analysis (ESA) is an ap- proach to calculate the semantic relatedness between two words or natural language texts with the help of concepts grounded in human cognition. ESA usage has received much at- tention in the field of natural language pro- cessing, information retrieval and text analy- sis, however, performance of the approach de- pends on several parameters that are included in the model, and also on the text data type used for evaluation. In this paper, we investi- gate the behavior of using different number of Wikipedia articles in building ESA model, for calculating the semantic relatedness for differ- ent types of text pairs: word-word, phrase- phrase and document-document. With our findings, we further propose an approach to improve the ESA semantic relatedne...