Paper: SemEval-2013 Task 4: Free Paraphrases of Noun Compounds

ACL ID S13-2025
Title SemEval-2013 Task 4: Free Paraphrases of Noun Compounds
Venue Joint Conference on Lexical and Computational Semantics
Year 2013

In this paper, we describe SemEval-2013 Task 4: the definition, the data, the evaluation and the results. The task is to capture some of the meaning of English noun compounds via para- phrasing. Given a two-word noun compound, the participating system is asked to produce an explicitly ranked list of its free-form para- phrases. The list is automatically compared and evaluated against a similarly ranked list of paraphrases proposed by human annota- tors, recruited and managed through Ama- zon?s Mechanical Turk. The comparison of raw paraphrases is sensitive to syntactic and morphological variation. The ?gold? ranking is based on the relative popularity of para- phrases among annotators. To make the rank- ing more reliable, highly similar paraphrases are grouped, so as to downplay superficia...