Paper: Robust Finite-State Parsing For Spoken Language Understanding

ACL ID P99-1074
Title Robust Finite-State Parsing For Spoken Language Understanding
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1999

Human understanding of spoken language ap- pears to integrate the use of contextual ex- pectations with acoustic level perception in a tightly-coupled, sequential fashion. Yet com- puter speech understanding systems typically pass the transcript produced by a speech rec- ognizer into a natural language parser with no integration of acoustic and grammatical con- straints. One reason for this is the complex- ity of implementing that integration. To ad- dress this issue we have created a robust, se- mantic parser as a single finite-state machine (FSM). As such, its run-time action is less com- plex than other robust parsers that are based on either chart or generalized left-right (GLR) architectures. Therefore, we believe it is ul- timately more amenable to direct integration with a speech de...