Paper: Projecting Corpus-Based Semantic Links On A Thesaurus

ACL ID P99-1050
Title Projecting Corpus-Based Semantic Links On A Thesaurus
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1999

Hypernym links acquired through an infor- mation extraction procedure are projected on multi-word terms through the recognition of se- mantic variations. The quality of the projected links resulting from corpus-based acquisition is compared with projected links extracted from a technical thesaurus. 1 Motivation In the domain of corpus-based terminology, there are two main topics of research: term acquisition--the discovery of candidate terms-- and automatic thesaurus construction--the ad- dition of semantic links to a term bank. Sev- eral studies have focused on automatic acquisi- tion of terms from corpora (Bourigault, 1993; Justeson and Katz, 1995; Daille, 1996). The output of these tools is a list of unstructured multi-word terms. On the other hand, contri- butions to automatic construc...