Paper: The CommandTalk Spoken Dialogue System

ACL ID P99-1024
Title The CommandTalk Spoken Dialogue System
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1999

The system most closely related to CommandTalk in terms of dialogue use is TRIPS (Ferguson and Allen, 1998), although there are several important differences. In contrast to TRIPS, in CommandTalk gestures are fully incorporated into the dialogue state. Also, CommandTalk provides the same language capabilities for user and system utterances. Unlike other simulation systems, such as QuickSet (Cohen et al. , 1997), CommandTalk has extensive dialogue capabilities. In QuickSet, the user is required to confirm each spoken utterance before it is processed by the system (McGee et al. Our earlier work on spoken dialogue in the air travel planning domain (Bratt et al. , 1995) (and related systems) interpreted speaker utterances in context, but did not support structured dialogues. logues. The techni...