Paper: HPSG-Style Underspecified Japanese Grammar with Wide Coverage

ACL ID P98-2144
Title HPSG-Style Underspecified Japanese Grammar with Wide Coverage
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1998

This paper describes a wide-coverage Japanese grammar based on HPSG. The aim of this work is to see the coverage and accuracy attain- able using an underspecified grammar. Under- specification, allowed in a typed feature struc- ture formalism, enables us to write down a wide-coverage grammar concisely. The gram- mar we have implemented consists of only 6 ID schemata, 68 lexical entries (assigned to func- tional words), and 63 lexical entry templates (assigned to parts of speech (BOSs)). Further- more. word-specific constraints such as subcate- gorization of verbs are not fixed in the gram- mar. However. this granllnar call generate parse trees for 87% of the 10000 sentences in the Japanese EDR corpus. The dependency accu- racy is 78% when a parser uses the heuristic that every bunsetsu 1 i...