Paper: Long Distance Pronominalisation and Global Focus

ACL ID P98-1090
Title Long Distance Pronominalisation and Global Focus
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1998

(1) Our corpus of descriptive text contains a signifi- cant number of long-distance pronominal references (8.4% of the total). In order to account for how these pronouns are interpreted, we re-examine Grosz and Sidner's theory of the attentional state, and in par- ticular the use of the global focus to supplement centering theory. Our corpus evidence concerning these long-distance pronominal references, as well as studies of the use of descriptions, proper names and ambiguous uses of pronouns, lead us to con- clude that a discourse focus stack mechanism of the type proposed by Sidner is essential to account for the use of these referring expressions. We suggest revising the Grosz & Sidner framework by allowing for the possibility that an entity in a focus space may have special status. 1 M...