Paper: Integrating Text Plans for Conciseness and Coherence

ACL ID P98-1084
Title Integrating Text Plans for Conciseness and Coherence
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1998

Our experience with a critiquing system shows that when the system detects problems with the user's performance, multiple critiques are often produced. Analysis of a corpus of actual cri- tiques revealed that even though each individ- ual critique is concise and coherent, the set of critiques as a whole may exhibit several prob- lems that detract from conciseness and coher- ence, and consequently assimilation. Thus a text planner was needed that could integrate the text plans for individual communicative goals to produce an overall text plan representing a con- cise, coherent message. This paper presents our general rule-based system for accomplishing this task. The sys- tem takes as input a set of individual text plans represented as RST-style trees, and produces a smaller set of more com...