Paper: Group Theory and Linguistic Processing

ACL ID P98-1057
Title Group Theory and Linguistic Processing
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1998

The meta-variable X in p [X] ranges over such identifiers (x, y, z .... ), which are notated in lower-case italics (and are always ground). The meta-variable p ranges over logical form abstractions missing one argument (for instance Az. s ( j, z) ). When matching meta-variables in logical forms, we will allow limited use of higher-order unification. tion. For instance, one can match P [X] to -~ (j,x) by takingP = Az.s(j, z) and X = x. The vocabulary and the set of relators that we have just specified define a group computation structure GCS = (I,, _R). We will now describe a set of acceptors A for this computation structure. We take A to be the set of elements of F(V) which are products of the following form: S lI/n-lWr~_1-1 ...IV1-1 where S is a logical form (S stands for "semantics"), an...