Paper: Automatic Semantic Tagging of Unknown Proper Names

ACL ID P98-1045
Title Automatic Semantic Tagging of Unknown Proper Names
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1998

Implemented methods for proper names recognition rely on large gazetteers of common proper nouns and a set of heuristic rules (e.g. Mr. as an indicator of a PERSON entity type). Though the performance of current PN recognizers is very high (over 90%), it is important to note that this problem is by no means a "solved problem". Existing systems perform extremely well on newswire corpora by virtue of the availability of large gazetteers and rule bases designed for specific tasks (e.g. recognition of Organization and Person entity types as specified in recent Message Understanding Conferences MUC). However, large gazetteers are not available for most languages and applications other than newswire texts and, in any case, proper nouns are an open class. In this paper we describe a context-based...