Paper: Trigger-Pair Predictors in Parsing and Tagging

ACL ID P98-1020
Title Trigger-Pair Predictors in Parsing and Tagging
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1998

In this article, we apply to natural language parsing and tagging the device of trigger- pair predictors, previously employed exclu- sively within the field of language mod- elling for speech recognition. Given the task of predicting the correct rule to as- sociate with a parse-tree node, or the cor- rect tag to associate with a word of text, and assuming a particular class of pars- ing or tagging model, we quantify the in- formation gain realized by taking account of rule or tag trigger-pair predictors, i.e. pairs consisting of a "triggering" rule or tag which has already occurred in the docu- ment being processed, together with a spe- cific "triggered" rule or tag whose proba- bility of occurrence within the current sen- tence we wish to estimate. This informa- tion gain is shown to be s...