Paper: The Berkeley FrameNet Project

ACL ID P98-1013
Title The Berkeley FrameNet Project
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1998

FrameNet is a three-year NSF-supported project in corpus-based computational lexicog- raphy, now in its second year (NSF IRI-9618838, "Tools for Lexicon Building"). The project's key features are (a) a commitment to corpus evidence for semantic and syntactic generaliza- tions, and (b) the representation of the valences of its target words (mostly nouns, adjectives, and verbs) in which the semantic portion makes use of frame semantics. The resulting database will contain (a) descriptions of the semantic frames underlying the meanings of the words de- scribed, and (b) the valence representation (se- mantic and syntactic) of several thousand words and phrases, each accompanied by (c) a repre- sentative collection of annotated corpus attes- tations, which jointly exemplify the observed linking...