Paper: A Theory Of Parallelism And The Case Of VP Ellipsis

ACL ID P97-1051
Title A Theory Of Parallelism And The Case Of VP Ellipsis
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1997

We provide a general account of parallelism in discourse, and apply it to the special case of resolving possible readings for in- stances of VP ellipsis. We show how seyeral problematic examples are accounted for in a natural and straightforward fashion. The generality of the approach makes it directly applicable to a variety of other types of el- lipsis and reference. 1 The Problem of VP Ellipsis VP ellipsis has received a great deal of atten- tion in theoretical and computational linguistics (Asher, 1993; Crouch, 1995; Dalrymple, Shieber, and Pereira, 1991; Fiengo and May, 1994; Gawron and Peters, 1990; Hardt, 1992; Kehler, 1993; Lappin and McCord, 1990; Priist, 1992; Sag, 1976; Web- bet, 1978; Williams, 1977, inter alia). The area is a tangled thicket of examples in which readings are m...