Paper: Maximal Incrementality In Linear Categorial Deduction

ACL ID P97-1044
Title Maximal Incrementality In Linear Categorial Deduction
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1997

Recent work has seen the emergence of a common framework for parsing categorial grammar (CG) formalisms that fall within the 'type-logical' tradition (such as the Lambek calculus and related systems), whereby some method of linear logic the- orem proving is used in combination with a system of labelling that ensures only de- ductions appropriate to the relevant gram- matical logic are allowed. The approaches realising this framework, however, have not so far addressed the task of incremental parsing -- a key issue in earlier work with 'flexible' categorial grammars. In this pa- per, the approach of (Hepple, 1996) is mod- ified to yield a linear deduction system that does allow flexible deduction and hence in- cremental processing, but that hence also suffers the problem of 'spurious ambigu...