Paper: Homonymy And Polysemy In Information Retrieval

ACL ID P97-1010
Title Homonymy And Polysemy In Information Retrieval
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1997

This paper discusses research on distin- guishing word meanings in the context of information retrieval systems. We conduc- ted experiments with three sources of evid- ence for making these distinctions: mor- phology, part-of-speech, and phrases. We have focused on the distinction between homonymy and polysemy (unrelated vs. re- lated meanings). Our results support the need to distinguish homonymy and poly- semy. We found: 1) grouping morpholo- gical variants makes a significant improve- ment in retrieval performance, 2) that more than half of all words in a dictionary that differ in part-of-speech are related in mean- ing, and 3) that it is crucial to assign credit to the component words of a phrase. These experiments provide a better understanding of word-based methods, and suggest where...