Paper: Mechanisms For Mixed-Initiative Human-Computer Collaborative Discourse

ACL ID P96-1037
Title Mechanisms For Mixed-Initiative Human-Computer Collaborative Discourse
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1996
  • Curry I. Guinn (Duke University, Durham NC; Research Triangle Institute, Research Triangle Park NC)

In this paper, we examine mechanisms for automatic dialogue initiative setting. We show how to incorporate initiative chang- ing in a task-oriented human-computer di- alogue system, and we evaluate the ef- fects of initiative both analytically and via computer-computer dialogue simulation. 1 Motivation: Initiative in Task-Oriented Dialogues Efficient human-computer dialogue requires imme- diate utterance-by-utterance accommodation to the needs of the interaction. The participants must con- tinuously focus all concerns on the goals of the task and avoid extraneous paths. This means that the di- alogue initiative should always pass immediately to the participant who is best able to handle the current task. An agent is said to have dialogue ini- tiative over a mutual goal when that agent cont...