Paper: A Model-Theoretic Framework For Theories Of Syntax

ACL ID P96-1002
Title A Model-Theoretic Framework For Theories Of Syntax
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1996
  • James Rogers (University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia PA)

A natural next step in the evolution of constraint-based grammar formalisms from rewriting formalisms is to abstract fully away from the details of the grammar mechanism--to express syntactic theories purely in terms of the properties of the class of structures they license. By fo- cusing on the structural properties of lan- guages rather than on mechanisms for gen- erating or checking structures that exhibit those properties, this model-theoretic ap- proach can offer simpler and significantly clearer expression of theories and can po- tentially provide a uniform formalization, allowing disparate theories to be compared on the basis of those properties. We dis- cuss L2,p, a monadic second-order logical framework for such an approach to syn- tax that has the distinctive virtue of be- ing su...