Paper: An Integrated Heuristic Scheme For Partial Parse Evaluation

ACL ID P94-1045
Title An Integrated Heuristic Scheme For Partial Parse Evaluation
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1994
  • Alon Lavie (Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh PA)

GLR* is a recently developed robust version of the Generalized LR Parser [Tomita, 1986], that can parse almost any input sentence by ignoring unrecognizable parts of the sentence. On a given input sentence, the parser returns a collection of parses that correspond to maximal, or close to maximal, parsable subsets of the original input. This paper describes recent work on de- veloping an integrated heuristic scheme for selecting the parse that is deemed "best" from such a collection. We describe the heuristic measures used and their combi- nation scheme. Preliminary results from experiments conducted on parsing speech recognized spontaneous speech are also reported. The GLR* Parser The GLR Parsing Algorithm The Generalized LR Parser, developed by Tomita [Tomita, 1986], extended the original...