Paper: Integrating Word Boundary Identification With Sentence Understanding

ACL ID P93-1046
Title Integrating Word Boundary Identification With Sentence Understanding
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1993
  • Kok Wee Gan (National University of Singapore, Singapore)

Chinese sentences are written with no special delimiters such as space to indicate word boundaries. Existing Chi- nese NLP systems therefore employ preprocessors to seg- ment sentences into words. Contrary to the conventional wisdom of separating this issue from the task of sentence understanding, we propose an integrated model that per- forms word boundary identification in lockstep with sen- tence understanding. In this approach, there is no distinc- tion between rules for word boundary identification and rules for sentence understanding. These two functions are combined. Word boundary ambiguities are detected, es- pecially the fallacious ones, when they block the primary task of discovering the inter-relationships among the var- ious constituents of a sentence, which essentially is the ...