Paper: Feature-Based Allomorphy

ACL ID P93-1019
Title Feature-Based Allomorphy
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1993

Morphotactics and allomorphy are usually modeled in different components, leading to in- terface problems. To describe both uniformly, we define finite automata (FA) for allomorphy in the same feature description language used for morphotactics. Nonphonologically conditioned allomorphy is problematic in FA models but submits readily to treatment in a uniform for- malism. 1 Background and Goals ALLOMORPHY or MORPHOPHONEMICS describes the variation we find among the different forms of a morpheme. For instance, the German sec- ond person singular present ending -st has three different allomorphs, -st, -est, -t, determined by the stem it combines with: 'say' 'pray' 'mix' (1) lsg pres ind 2sg pres ind 3sg pres ind sag+e sag+st sag+t bet + e bet+ est bet-/-et mix+e mix+t mix+t MORPHOTACTICS desc...