Paper: Two Kinds Of Metonymy

ACL ID P93-1012
Title Two Kinds Of Metonymy
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1993

We propose a distinction between two kinds of metonymy: "referential" metonymy, in which the refer- ent of an NP is shifted, and "predicative" metonymy, in which the referent of the NP is unchanged and the ar- gument place of the predicate is shifted instead. Exam- ples are, respectively, "The hamburger is waiting for his check" and "Which airlines fly from Boston to Denver". We also show that complications arise for both types of metonymy when multiple coercing predicates are con- sidered. Finally, we present implemented algorithms handling these complexities that generate both types of metonymic reading, as well as criteria for choosing one type of metonymic reading over another.