Paper: A Basis For A Formalization Of Linguistic Style

ACL ID P92-1048
Title A Basis For A Formalization Of Linguistic Style
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1992

These abstract elements comprise a stylistic 'metalanguage' that allows each element to be used to characterize a gIoup of stylistically similar sentences. tences. At the top level are the stylistic goals, such as clarity or concreteness, that are realized by patterns of the abstract elements. 312 The primitive-element level of DiMaxco's stylistic grammar is divided into two views, connectire and hierarchic. Here I will focus on the connective view, for which the stylistic effect of a sentence component is determined by considering its degree of cohesiveness within the sentence. The degrees of cohesiveness, or connectivity, vary on a scale from conjunct ° (neither connective nor disconnective) through conjunct 4 (excessively connective). 1 In more recent work, DiMaxco and Hirst (1992) hav...