Paper: An LR Category-Neutral Parser With Left Corner Prediction

ACL ID P92-1040
Title An LR Category-Neutral Parser With Left Corner Prediction
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1992
  • Paola Merlo (University of Maryland, College Park MD; University of Geneva, Geneva Switzerland)

In this paper we present a new parsing model of linguistic and computational interest. Linguisti- cally, the relation between the paxsez and the the- ory of grammar adopted (Government and Bind- ing (GB) theory as presented in Chomsky(1981, 1986a,b) is clearly specified. Computationally, this model adopts a mixed parsing procedure, by using left corner prediction in a modified LR parser. ON LINGUISTIC THEORY For a parser to be linguistically motivated, it must be transparent to a linguistic theory, under some precise notion of transparency (see Abney 1987)~ GB theory is a modular theory of abstract prin- ciples. A parser which encodes a modular theory of grammax must fulfill apparently contradictory demands: for the parser to be explanatory it must maintain the modularity of the theory, wh...