Paper: Reasoning With Descriptions Of Trees

ACL ID P92-1010
Title Reasoning With Descriptions Of Trees
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1992

In this paper we introduce a logic for describing trees which allows us to reason about both the par- ent and domination relationships. The use of dom- ination has found a number of applications, such as in deterministic parsers based on Description the- ory (Marcus, Hindle & Fleck, 1983), in a com- pact organization of the basic structures of Tree- Adjoining Grammars (Vijay-Shanker & Schabes, 1992), and in a new characterization of the ad- joining operation that allows a clean integration of TAGs into the unification-based framework (Vijay- Shanker, 1992) Our logic serves to formalize the reasoning on which these applications are based. 1 Motivation Marcus, Hindle, and Fleck (1983) have intro- duced Description Theory (D-theory) which consid- ers the structure of trees in terms of the dom...