Paper: Extracting Semantic Roles From A Model Of Eventualities

ACL ID P91-1045
Title Extracting Semantic Roles From A Model Of Eventualities
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1991
  • Sylvie Ratt (University of Quebec at Montreal, Montreal QU)

their semantic content gives rise to an inconsistent set. If a fi- nite set is possible, one has to find a proper balance between these two extremes. As a result, every flavor of roles have been used from time to time in linguistics (e.g. , GB, in the spirit of Fillmore, HPSG, in the line of situation seman- tics), and also in AI [10, see also 4]. Between the total refusal to use those labels (as in GPSG) and the acceptance of individual roles (as in HPSG) there is a wide range of pro- posals on what constitute a good set of L(inguistic)-Roles [7] and, as a consequence, on the way to differentiate between them and define them. Most of the definitions have been based on the referential properties that can be associated with each role bearer (e.g. an AGENT is a volitional animate entity). Ev...