Paper: Experiments And Prospects Of Example-Based Machine Translation

ACL ID P91-1024
Title Experiments And Prospects Of Example-Based Machine Translation
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1991

EBMT (Example-Based Machine Translation) is proposed. EBMT retrieves similar examples (pairs of source phrases, sentences, or texts and their translations) from a d~t.hase of examples, adapting the examples to translate a new input. EBMT has the following features: (1) It is easily upgraded simply by inputting appropriate examples to the database; (2) It assigns a reliability factcr to the translation result; (3) It is acoelerated effectively by both indexing and parallel computing; (4) It is robust because of best-match reasoning; ~d (5) It well utilizes translator expertise. A prototype system has been implemented to deal with a difficult translation problem for conventional Rule-Based Machine Translation (RBMT), i.e., translating Japanese noun phrases of the form "N~ no N2" into English...