Paper: Two Languages Are More Informative Than One

ACL ID P91-1017
Title Two Languages Are More Informative Than One
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1991
  • Ido Dagan (Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa Israel; IBM Israel Scientific Center, Haifa Israel)
  • Alon Itai (Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa Israel)
  • Ulrike Schwall (IBM Scientific Center, Heidelberg Germany)

This paper presents a new approach for resolving lex- ical ambiguities in one language using statistical data on lexical relations in another language. This ap- proach exploits the differences between mappings of words to senses in different languages. We concen- trate on the problem of target word selection in ma- chine translation, for which the approach is directly applicable, and employ a statistical model for the se- lection mechanism. The model was evaluated using two sets of Hebrew and German examples and was found to be very useful for disambiguation.