Paper: Structure And Intonation In Spoken Language Understanding

ACL ID P90-1002
Title Structure And Intonation In Spoken Language Understanding
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1990

The structure imposed upon spoken sentences by intonation seems frequently to be orthogo- hal to their traditional surface-syntactic struc- ture. However, the notion of "intonational struc- ture" as formulated by Pierrehumbert, Selkirk, and others, can be subsumed under a rather dif- ferent notion of syntactic surface structure that emerges from a theory of grammar based on a "Combinatory" extension to Categorial Gram, mar. Interpretations of constituents at this level are in tam directly related to "information struc- ture", or discourse-related notions of "theme", "rheme", "focus" and "presupposition". Some simplifications appear to follow for the problem of integrating syntax and other high-level mod- ules in spoken language systems. One quite normal prosody (13, below) for an answer to...