Paper: Discourse Entities In Janus

ACL ID P89-1030
Title Discourse Entities In Janus
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1989

This paper addresses issues that arose in apply- ing the model for discourse entity (DE) generation in B. Webber's work (1978, 1983) to an interactive multi- modal interface. Her treatment was extended in 4 areas: (1)the notion of context dependence of DEs was formalized in an intensional logic, (2)the treat- ment of DEs for indefinite NPs was modified to use skolem functions, (3)the treatment of dependent quantifiers was generalized, and (4) DEs originating from non-linguistic sources, such as pointing actions, were taken into account. The discourse entities are used in intra- and extra-sentential pronoun resolution in BBN Janus.