Paper: Atomization In Grammar Sharing

ACL ID P88-1024
Title Atomization In Grammar Sharing
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1988

new insights with which to account for certain linguistic We describe a prototype SK~RED CmAt~eAR for the syntax of simple nominal expressions in Arabic, E~IL~lx, French, German, and Japanese implemented at MCC. In this Oamm~', a complex inheritance ian/cc of shared gr~mmAtlcal templates provides pans that each language can put together to form lansuug~specific gramm-ti~tl templates. We conclude that grammar shsrin 8 is not only possible but also desirable. It forces us to reveal cross- liuguistically invm'iant grammatie~ primitives that may otherwise rem~ conflamd with other primitives if we deal only with a single ~.nousge or l-n~uuge type. We call this the process of OaA~O~AT~CAL ^TOI~aZAT~ON. The specific implementation reported here uses catcgorial tmifr, ation grammar. The topics inc...