Paper: Assigning Intonational Features In Synthesized Spoken Directions

ACL ID P88-1023
Title Assigning Intonational Features In Synthesized Spoken Directions
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1988

Speakers convey much of the information hearers use to interpret discourse by varying prosodic features such as PHRASING, PITCH ACCENT placement, TUNE, and PITCH P.ANGE. The ability to emulate such variation is crucial to effective (synthetic) speech generation. While text-to- speech synthesis must rely primarily upon structural in- formation to determine appropriate intonational features, speech synthesized from an abstract representation of the message to be conveyed may employ much richer sources. The implementation of an intonation assignment compo- nent for Direction Assistance, a program which generates spoken directions, provides a first approximation of how recent models of discourse structure can be used to control intonational variation in ways that build upon recent re- search i...